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Some teachers often encounter situations when, reflecting on past tournaments, their students and the parents of the students accuse the judges of not judging properly. Many coaches are also involved in these conversations, although it is not a pleasant task.

Yes, in fact there is the possibility that the results are not very adequate, and sometimes that happens, however the blame does not have the judges, but the imperfect system of the organization of competitions of Dancesport. With this I do not want to defend some possible errors, but only to imply that discussions about the work of the judges harms the dance itself because it diverts the attention of the dancer from the improvement of his dance and transfers the responsibility for the results of the training of the own dancer and his teacher to «non-impartial judges» so to speak.

When listening to so many gossip from adults, children, instead of assessing their level of dance, get used to the intrigues that surround them, which is the ugly side of Dancesport. To nip these destructive tendencies in the bud, the following should be explained to the dancers and their parents:

The opinions of the judges can vary significantly because often each of them has their own vision of the dance and its priorities among the criteria of the dance. Taking into account that there is no strict list of evaluation criteria, there are only guidelines. For a judge the notion of «rhythm» means one thing and for another, something else. In addition, each of them usually represents a certain school in which their priorities also exist.

On the dance floor, several couples dance at the same time, and for the judge to assess the dance of all of them, he only has time to dedicate a few seconds to each one. And if the dance of a couple is not regular, constant, then there is no guarantee that those seconds are the best part of that couple’s dance in particular.

It is impossible not to see the couple that dances impeccably, beauty can not be hidden. So the question is not how the judges judge, – that is the issue of the judges and coaches themselves, and not of the dancers and their parents, – the question is how the dancers dance, and first how they train. You have to dance in such a way that there is nothing to stick to. And while there are times for improvement, it is ridiculous to talk about inadequate assessments.

In order to win, it is essential to train well, giving everything. Those simple explanations repeated many times will give good results. The students will begin to concentrate on the preparation for the tournaments, they will feel that the responsibility for the results is mainly theirs, that the success depends only on them, on their training and the spirit with which they face them.

Very often I meet dancers whose «fumes» are at the final level of the championship, while their dance leaves a lot to be desired. Arrogance is not the worst quality of an artist, as long as he has to show and while not preventing him from training well.

Precisely of accusations to the judges and of insults to the rivals start the dancers who believe themselves stars, and then follow the continuous changes of couple, of coaches and clubs, because everybody (couples, coaches, clubs) is to blame that «I, a dancer so big, do not have what I deserve, and I do not have any fault».

After the publication of my first articles, a renowned coach told me that they are harmful, because now any novice dancer could complain that he did not teach him well. I can not agree with that because it is no longer the question of the good or the bad of the information, but it is a matter of if you have authority for your students, if you know how to determine from the beginning who determines the rules of teaching and what Questions are asked to the coach and in what way. But that is a topic for another conversation.

It is not a pleasant task to dance the water to the student without combining it with discipline and organization. Just as a military discipline without love towards the students, without understanding of their problems, does not give good results. It is not advisable neither of the two extremes, usually lead to the loss of the coach’s authority among his students.

source: article published in DANCESPORT DANCERS GROUP


Interview to Mr. Andrius Kandelis international trainer, and organizer of INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP KANDELA



interview: Mr. Frank Gascón/

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Alex & Alexandra SPAIN Junior I

Alexánder Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko Spanish winners Junior 1 10 dances (*PREMIUM COUPLE PROGRAM)



On Thursday 6th December, 2018, Spanish Champions of 8 Dances Junior 1 dances, Alexánder Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko (ELITE CLUB-VALENCIA) were proclaimed winners,  winning all dances.

The Championship of Spain was held in Guadalajara, near Madrid. The competition was established among 28 couples from all over Spain.

Trainers Valera Zaiko, Yulia Zaiko, and parents thank the other teachers with whom the couple works frequently: Lorera Costa (Spain), Guillem Pascual (Spain) Ilya Danilov (Russia).


Alex Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko PROFILE & PORTFOLIO (*Premium Couples International PROGRAM)(Spain)

PREMIUN COUPLES INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM* Media Sponsoring for Juvenile & Junior International Couples


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GORGEOUS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ADULT STANDARD IN VIENNA. 17-18 NOVEMBER 2018. Chronicle, results, photos and videos



This Saturday, November 17, in Vienna, the Standard World Championship was held. The technical and inspired dance of Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova allowed them to regain the title of world champion! For the fourth consecutive year!

Dmitry and Olga have risen to the highest step of the podium of the main tournament of the year!

As expected, the representatives of Lithuania Evaldas Sodeika and Eva Zukauskaite became the winners of the silver medal.


The bronze was taken by Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini from Italy.

The fourth position was obtained by the vice champions of 2018, Evgeny Moshenin and Dana Spitsyna.

In total, 81 couples participated in the World Championship.


1. Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS
2. Evaldas Sodeika – Ieva Zukauskaite, LTU
3. Francesco Galuppo – Debora Pacini, ITA
4. Evgeny Moshenin – Dana Spitsyna, RUS
5. Vaidotas Lacitis – Veronika Golodneva, LTU
6. Anton Skuratov – Alena Uehlin, GER

Detailed Results


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