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The crashes during the tournament – is one of the most unpleasant situations in our initially sporting and social activity -.

Nowadays, when ballroom dances are a sports competition, the problem of the crashes on the dance floor becomes very present, because athletes from all over the world are governed first of all by the Olympic motto «Faster, higher, stronger».

The sporting excitement, the desire to win, the excitement and the adrenaline, very often make people «blind», they become incapable of assessing one or the other situation. Of course, sport is inconceivable without risk. But be prepared for the «risks of the trade» such as stupid traumas, bruises, breaks and dislocations, which will not increase precisely the popularity and attractiveness of our sport.

In our opinion, the most dangerous crashes occur in the Standard program. Here, as a general rule, one of the dancers moves backwards, and the other may not see the situation that is being prepared in front of him. The speed and inertia of the translational and rotational movement of the couple as a unit is very high. It is almost always very difficult or even impossible to change the trajectory of the movement taking into account the «dimensions» of the couple. But also the dancers of the Latino program suffer injuries frequently.

You will agree with us that we are most admired by the couple who know how to get out of any difficult situation with agility, without losing quality or strength of movement. The English call that capacity «floor craft», that is to say, the handling of the dance floor. We are going to see some basic rules that any dancer who participates in Dancesport competitions should know.

Rules of movement on the track:
All couples dancing in the room should move in the same direction, along the line of the dance, in the anti-clockwise direction.
In both the Standard and Latino programs, the pairs must move in their half of the dance floor (just like the cars move in their half of the road), without crossing the center line of the track dance floor.
When moving backwards, the boy must make sure that the couple will not disturb other couples with their movement, often very energetic.

During the dance you should not stop at the dance line if possible. If circumstances force you to stop, try to leave the track as soon as possible.
Let pass a couple that is moving very dynamically.

As far as possible, do not go to that place in the room where another couple is executing a figure-line.
Be mutually educated on the track.

The elaboration of the choreography:
One of the main conditions of the safe movement in the dance hall is the correct construction of the choreography that the couple is going to perform.

The choreography must meet the following requirements:
The choreography should be «placed» in the room so that the couple moves easily along all sides of the room, moving according to the line of the dance.

In choreography it is inadmissible to cross the entire dance floor from one corner to another diagonally, through the center of the track.
The choreography must have the minimum possible number of figures that are made in the opposite direction to the dance line.

If the shock is inevitable, in that situation the boy must show his manly qualities: it is better that he precisely support the shock by putting his back or side, and never his partner. Try to protect her from shock, cover her head with her hands against the blow. She will thank you and appreciate your gesture. You’d better try to carefully stop the couple moving towards you, with their hands (or hands). But you should never push your rivals on the dance floor.
If a shock has occurred, try to maintain physical and emotional balance. Smile at the couple with whom you clashed, and if the clash occurred because of you, apologize, help the dancer who has fallen down get up.

Just be polite and remember that people will treat you the same way you treat them. The most stupid and unforgivable shock, and it is usually a clash with the couple that is making a figure-line on the site.

Learn to maneuver on the track in dance training. Try to train more often in a room where many couples work.
Learn to change your choreography in both Standard and Latino programs. Your teacher-coach is obliged to show you some figures that help you change your choreography without problems. Do not always dance the same choreography.

Taking as examples other couples who maneuver well, learn to avoid shocks, use their methods.
The boy must always know his place on the dance floor, control it, know how to anticipate the situation, learn to feel with his back, attend to the signals of his partner.


Interview to Mr. Andrius Kandelis international trainer, and organizer of INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP KANDELA



interview: Mr. Frank Gascón/

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Alex & Alexandra SPAIN Junior 2

Alexánder Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko Spanish winners Junior 1 10 dances (*PREMIUM COUPLE PROGRAM)



On Thursday 6th December, 2018, Spanish Champions of 8 Dances Junior 1 dances, Alexánder Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko (ELITE CLUB-VALENCIA) were proclaimed winners,  winning all dances.

The Championship of Spain was held in Guadalajara, near Madrid. The competition was established among 28 couples from all over Spain.

Trainers Valera Zaiko, Yulia Zaiko, and parents thank the other teachers with whom the couple works frequently: Lorera Costa (Spain), Guillem Pascual (Spain) Ilya Danilov (Russia).


Alex Gascón & Alexandra Zaiko PROFILE & PORTFOLIO (*Premium Couples International PROGRAM)(Spain)

PREMIUN COUPLES INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM* Media Sponsoring for Juvenile & Junior International Couples


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GORGEOUS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ADULT STANDARD IN VIENNA. 17-18 NOVEMBER 2018. Chronicle, results, photos and videos



This Saturday, November 17, in Vienna, the Standard World Championship was held. The technical and inspired dance of Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova allowed them to regain the title of world champion! For the fourth consecutive year!

Dmitry and Olga have risen to the highest step of the podium of the main tournament of the year!

As expected, the representatives of Lithuania Evaldas Sodeika and Eva Zukauskaite became the winners of the silver medal.


The bronze was taken by Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini from Italy.

The fourth position was obtained by the vice champions of 2018, Evgeny Moshenin and Dana Spitsyna.

In total, 81 couples participated in the World Championship.


1. Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS
2. Evaldas Sodeika – Ieva Zukauskaite, LTU
3. Francesco Galuppo – Debora Pacini, ITA
4. Evgeny Moshenin – Dana Spitsyna, RUS
5. Vaidotas Lacitis – Veronika Golodneva, LTU
6. Anton Skuratov – Alena Uehlin, GER

Detailed Results


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