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Jan & Nika CROATIA Junior 2

Jan Nemarnik & Nika Karacic PROFILE & PORTFOLIO (*Premium Couples International PROGRAM) Junior I (Croatia)



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Alex & Alexandra SPAIN Junior 2

PREMIUN COUPLES INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM* Media Sponsoring for Juvenile & Junior International Couples



DANCESPORT NEWS. info is strongly determined to support the Juvenile 1 and 2 and Junior 1 and 2 couples who have more projection for an international dancesport career.

To do this, we put at your disposal, following some criteria, a SPONSORING based on media support and a series of aids that will allow you to find more sponsors (clothes, footwear, travel, training expenses, etc.) to cover the international competitive activity.

We, with our SPONSOTIZATION linked to a personalized Media Plan for each couple, help make that happen, but we also get involved with our contacts to get other sponsors directly for those couples.

Our Media Plan consists in the first place, once the proposal of a couple by our technical team is accepted, to allow it to become part of that DANCESPORT COUPLES PREMIUM CLUB, which will mean a MEDIATIC MONITORING of that couple: Competitions, Results, interview, etc.

We will make POST weekly/MONTHLY of each PREMIUM COUPLE (posts, news, interview, articles that will generate thousands of impacts or readings), to inform and make known their trajectory and facilitate the search of SPONSORS and the performance before them. Not only in DANCESPORT NEWS but also in all social nets.

That media support through these POSTS will allow thousands of VIEWS for the couple and performance for the SPONSORS.

The approximate REQUIREMENTS to be accepted the CANDIDATURA a PREMIUM COUPLE is:

– Belonging to the age group Juvenile 1, Juvenile 2, Junior 1, Junior 2.

-To have or pretend to have a marked international competitive activity.

-To have projection: for this we need a technical report from a minimum of 2 coaches with national / international license.

-If they are elected, commit to inform regularly and with more information (photos, information, etc.) of their activities, training, competitions. etc.) so that there is always enough material to generate articles or news about the couple.

-Only there will be 1 couple by age category and country (DANCESPORT NEWS reserves the right to make an exception) to obtain 100% our mediatic sponsoring. Another possibilities for 50% mediatic sponsoring are possible.

– Wear in your competition dress as well as in his tracksuit both he and she, the LOGO of DANCESPORT NEWS.

-Once a year (probably in January at the beginning of new season) we will have a meeting -CAMP- of 3-5 days all the PREMIUM COUPLE, in a place that will be determined with sufficient anticipation making it coincide with an international competition. In this CAMP the children will have the accommodation expenses covered by DANCESPORTNEWS. It will serve to make an INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM COUPLES TEAM, where it will also generate camaraderie and playful activities like costume party, visits to theme parks, etc. (parents and trainers of course may come).

The parents / coaches of the interested couples should send a TECHNICAL DOSSIER with a series of characteristics. You can request more information by email to putting in the SUBJECT «INTERNATIONAL PREMIUM PROGRAM COUPLES».

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