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Nº 1 RANKING WDSF STANDARD: Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova (RUS)




Ranking STANDARD Adult WDSF: Position 1 in the World (recently)

Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova started dancing together in 2003 (January) as Youth.

 Actually they are registered as a couple in Russia. They dance in Amateur, WDSF .

Their first competition was in Russia – Moscow on 2003 (February).

Their best mark in our database is getting into 1 in the WDSF World Open Standard (European Cup Latin 2018 in Russia – Moscow on Saturday, 07 April 2018).

They joined together after Dmitry and Svetlana Zamolotskikh split in 2007 (February) and Olga and Rustam Shayahmetov split in 2003 (January).

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14 Jul 2018 WDSF Grand Slam Standard & Latin 2018
Italy – Rimini
WDSF GrandSlam Standard Adult 1.
01 Jul 2018 Taipei Open 2018 Grand slam Standard 2018
Taiwan – Taipei
WDSF GrandSlam Standard Adult 1.
23 Jun 2018 Alassio Open 2018
Italy – Alassio
WDSF International Open Standard                          1.
08 Apr 2018 European Cup Latin 2018
Russia – Moscow
WDSF World Open Standard 1.
24 Mar 2018 The Star Championship
Italy – Pieve di Cento
WDSF World Open Standard 1.
03 Mar 2018 Finland Open 2018
Finland – Helsinki
WDSF GrandSlam Adult Standard 1.
17 Feb 2018 Copenhagen Open 2018
Denmark – Copenhagen
WDSF European Standard Championship 1.
27 Jan 2018 Goldstadt Cup 2018
Germany – Pforzheim
Adult S Standard 1.
10 Dec 2017 WDSF Shanghai
China – Shanghai
WDSF Grand Slam Standard 1.
18 Nov 2017 Austrian Open Championships 2017
Austria – Vienna
WDSF Adult Open Standard 1.
28 Oct 2017 Russian Open 2017
Russia – Moscow
WDSF GrandSlam Adult Standard 1.
21 Oct 2017 WDSF Taipei
Taiwan – Taipei
WDSF Amateur Standard 1.
10 Sep 2017 WDSF Chengdu
China – Chengdu
WDSF World Championship Standard 1.
02 Sep 2017 King’s Cup
Thailand – Bangkok
WDSF World Open Standard 1.
11 Aug 2017 German Open Championships 2017
Germany – Stuttgart
WDSF Adult GrandSlam Standard 1.
28 Jul 2017 The World Games 2017
Poland – Wroclaw
WDSF IWGA The World Games Standard Adult 2.
09 Jul 2017 WDSF Hong Kong
Hong Kong – Hong Kong
WDSF Grand Slam Standard 1.
19 May 2017 OK Dance Open 2017
Czech Republic – Olomouc
WDSF European Championship Standard 1.
09 Apr 2017 WDSF Wuhan
China – Wuhan
WDSF GrandSlam Standard 1.
01 Apr 2017 Baikal Dance
Russia – Irkutsk
Amateur Standard 1.
25 Mar 2017 Vittorio Colombo Trophy – Star Championship
Italy – Pieve di Cento
WDSF World Open Standard 1.
18 Mar 2017 Finland Open 2017
Finland – Helsinki
WDSF Grand Slam Standard 1.
11 Mar 2017 Kazan Kremlin Cup – 2017
Russia – Kazan
Russian Championship Adult Standard 1.
04 Mar 2017 Siberian Marathon – 2017
Russia – Novosibirsk
Amateur Standard 1.
12 Feb 2017 Antwerp Diamond Cup
Belgium – Antwerpen
WDSF World Open Standard 1.
20 Jan 2017 Tuscany Open 2017
Italy – Colle Val D’Elsa
WDSF International Open Standard 1.




Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS | GoldstadtPokal, Feb 2018 – WDSF IO STD – F SF:


Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova, RUS | GoldstadtPokal, Feb 2018 – WDSF IO STD – solo T:


Dmitry Zharkov – Olga Kulikova | F Viennese Waltz | Finnish Open, March 2018:


Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova | Slow Foxtrot | 2018 Russian Championship Adullt Standard:


Dmitry Zharkov & Olga Kulikova | Quickstep | Feb, 2018 Russian Championship Adullt Standard:





JUST PROUD. Thank you guys ❤❤❤

Posted by Dmitry Zharkov on Thursday, January 12, 2017


Posted by Dmitry Zharkov on Monday, January 16, 2017

Simply the best!!!

Posted by Dmitry Zharkov on Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Dmitry Zharkov- Olga KulikovaSamba!!! 😀

Posted by Orestas Vaikšnoras on Saturday, September 16, 2017


photocredit main photo:

REINHARD EGLI photographer:;

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DANCESPORT NEWS. info is strongly determined to support the Juvenile 1 and 2 and Junior 1 and 2 couples who have more projection for an international dancesport career.

To do this, we put at your disposal, following some criteria, a SPONSORING based on media support and a series of aids that will allow you to find more sponsors (clothes, footwear, travel, training expenses, etc.) to cover the international competitive activity.

We, with our SPONSOTIZATION linked to a personalized Media Plan for each couple, help make that happen, but we also get involved with our contacts to get other sponsors directly for those couples.

Our Media Plan consists in the first place, once the proposal of a couple by our technical team is accepted, to allow it to become part of that DANCESPORT COUPLES PREMIUM CLUB, which will mean a MEDIATIC MONITORING of that couple: Competitions, Results, interview, etc.

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We have had the pleasure of being able to thoroughly interview one of the Top 3 International Latin Trainers: Ilya Danilov (Russia).

Born in August 1964, he lives in Moscow and together with his wife, they own one of the most important clubs and with the most International Awards: the TRIADA club. It is the club for which competes neither more nor less ARMEN TSATURYAN & SVETLANA GODINO, current 2 numbers of the Latin WDSF Ráking and with many possibilities of becoming October world champions being Ilya Danilov in official coach of this couple.

From his TRIADA club, 16 couples from his club have been Russian Champions, and 11 times his Club have been World Champions in different age categories.

To give us an idea of ​​the dimensions of the level of DANCESPORT in Russia, comment that there are 40,282 federated dancers and 1,660 clubs.

Ilya Danilov in his time (80-90 years) was 4 times Russian Amateur Champion 10 dances, and 2 times more in Professionals. He was also a Finalist in several World Championships, in Europe, in the World Cups and in Europe.

He is part of the technical team of the Russian Federation as a coach of international couples.

He is one of the best and most recognized international coach of Latinos, perhaps among the top 3.

He has a special gift to see the characteristics of the movements and their adaptation to the type of dancers. He sees with tremendous clarity in the figures of the programs if they are coherent and adequate for the characteristics of the couple. His vision is profound and analytical.

His fame is international and his partners get an exceptional performance. He also has a lucid and super-fast vision of the Dancesport. It is internationally known with the surname of «Oraculus» (listen to the Interview to know why).

Visualize the Interview and you will get many interesting facts!


Frank Gascón



Hemos tenido el grato placer de poder entrevistar a fondo a uno de los Top 3 International Latin Trainers más importantes: Ilya Danilov (Russia).

Nacido en Agosto de 1964, vive en Moscow y junto a su mujer, son propietarios de uno de los clubes más importantes y con más Palmarés Internacional: el club TRIADA. Es el club por el que compite ni más ni menos ARMEN TSATURYAN & SVETLANA GODINO, números 2 actual del Ráking Latin WDSF y con muchas posibilidades de convertirse en octubre campeones del mundo siendo Ilya Danilov en entrenador oficial de esta pareja.


De su club TRIADA, 16 parejas de su club han sido Campeones de Rusia, y 11 veces parejas de su Club han sido Campeones del Mundo en diferentes categorías de edad.

Para darnos una idea de las dimensiones del nivel del DANCESPORT en Rusia, comentar que hay 40.282 bailarines federados y 1.660 clubes.

Ilya Danilov en su tiempo (años 80-90) fue 4 veces Campeón de Rusia Amateur 10 bailes, y 2 veces más en Profesionales. Además fue Finalista en varios Campeonatos del Mundo, de Europa, de las Copas del Mundo y de Europa.

Es uno de los mejores y más reconocido entrenador internacional de latinos, quizá entre los 3 mejores. Su fama es internacional y sus parejas obtienen un rendimiento excepcional.

Tiene un don especial para ver las características de los movimientos y su adaptación al tipo de bailarines. Él ve con gran claridad las figuras de los programas si son coherentes y adecuadas para las características de la pareja y la secuencia entre ellas. Su visión es profunda y analítica.

Por esa visión lúcida y super rápida del Dancesport es conocido internacionalmente con el sobre nombre de «Oraculus» (escucha el Interview  para saber por qué).

¡Visualiza la entrevista y obtendrás muchos datos interesantes!

Frank Gascón


Илья Данилов | Критерии судейства музыки в самбе

Илья Данилов | Критерии судейства музыки в самбеВ своей лекции на III Конгрессе Союза танцевального спорта России блестящий педагог Илья Данилов, специализирующийся на подготовке танцоров латиноамериканской программы, разбирает критерии судейства в танце Самба, делая акцент на музыкальности.Бразилия – официальная родина Самбы! Основной инструмент для создания ритма танца – барабаны. Существует 72 вида барабанов. Вибрации музыки переходят в тело. Чем богаче музыкальная палитра пары – тем ярче она выглядит и замечается на паркете.«Все мы слышим музыку по-разному! При этом опыт и багаж каждого судьи уникален и индивидуален и помогает в оценке танцевальных пар.»Базовый ритм в Самбе. Исполнение базового ритма в базовых фигурах в детском и юниорском танцевании. «Пара, танцующая не в музыку, не может судиться в следующий тур!»Контраст ритмов. Развитие музыки Самбы. Разные варианты ритмов. Ритмические интерпретации. Осознанное исполнение различных ритмов в Самбе. Воспитание музыкального вкуса. Изменение ритма. Читаемость хореографии. Понятность хореографии и стиля.Указанные аспекты демонстрируются лектором в интересных кусочках учебной хореографии.Конгрессы, проводимые Союзом танцевального спорта России, всегда являются интереснейшиминформационным событием! III Конгресс СТСР был посвящён вопросу музыки и музыкальности в танцевальном спорте. Практически все новые идеи, которые прозвучали на конгрессе, являются уникальными, авторскими, оригинальными и революционными. Российские тренеры всегда были в авангарде мирового танцевального движения.Разбирать эти лекции, учиться вместе с экспертами по бальным танцам – прекрасная возможность повысить уровень личной квалификации для любого тренера, танцора и даже простого любителя танца!УСТАНОВИ приложение DanceFilmApp:СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО App Store:СКАЧАТЬ БЕСПЛАТНО Google Play:ПРИСОЕДИНЯЙСЯ к нам в соцсетях:DanceFilmApp в YouTube – в Instagram – в Facebook – в Twitter – во ВКонтакте – в Pinterest – в Google+ –

Posted by Приложение Dancefilmapp on Thursday, December 1, 2016

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In St. Petersburg, saturday 2nd June,  within the framework of the «White Nights Ball», the European Championship of Standard dances was held among WDSF Professionals. 19 couples from 9 different countries participated, celebrating the competition in two rounds prior to the final.

In this prestigious competition, 19 couples participated from 9 different countries, six of which reached the final. Two rounds prior to the Final.

Last year’s Vice Champions, Donatas Wejelis and Lina Chatkeviciute of Lithuania won this time and became Champions! In second place were the representatives of Denmark Bjorn Beatch and Ashley Williamson. And the bronze medalists became the dancers of Moldova, Nikolai Darin and Natalya Seredina, who since December 2017 are competing in Professionals WDSF.


1-Donatas Vezelis – Lina Chatkeviciute, LTU 
2. Bjorn Bitsch – Ashli Williamson, DEN
3. Nikolay Darin – Natalia Seredina, MDA
4. Andrey Motyl – Ekaterina Kim, RUS
5. Luca Rossignoli – Merje Styf, FIN
6. Igor Potovin – Yanina Yakubova, RUS



credit photos: Roland

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