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The Dancesportlife Master Plan



It’s been over four years since we started Dancesportlife and over one year since we’ve been working on our online education platform, Dancesportlife Academy. Hard work and dedication have paid off as we now have over 1,200 students on Dancesportlife Academy and over 200,000 passionate dancers following our social media accounts from all around the world.

I feel that in these challenging times, it is now more important than ever to share with you our plan to develop this project so it may help you even more. 

In this article, I’ll explain our motivations behind creating this project, our vision, and what we would love to accomplish in the future. Also, I would greatly appreciate you sending me your feedback on our project at

The Beginning of Dancesportlife 

After six years of being a ballroom dancer and then three of leading a marketing agency, I realized that the lack of available solutions for dancers’ issues is absolutely bonkers.

Ballroom dancing is a very complex sport. It demands a lot of time spent practicing, a lot of lessons with great teachers, and hours upon hours of travel. It requires an intense, artistic, hard-working personality, and it was frustrating to see that there weren’t many tools in place to make dancers’ lives just a bit easier. 

Hence, I decided to assemble a team of enthusiastic people to start building the Dancesportlife community and creating content for all of you passionate dancers. Our guiding principle was, and still is, simple: 

«To promote and support great dancers, teachers, and the entire dancesport community, independent of country, federation, or affiliation.»

Our biggest wish is to make the world dance—and for those who are already dancing, to make your life that much easier.

What I Thought Could Be Improved

  • Online education and community – The only way to develop as a dancer is to travel to great teachers and camps.
  • Finding a partner – This isn’t that easy to do, and the presently available solutions are not always fruitful. People still use Instagram, crowded Facebook groups, or their teachers (if you’re lucky to have a well-connected teacher) to find themselves a partner.
  • Finding a great studio – How do you go about finding a good studio for yourself if you’re just starting out? How do you go about bringing people into your studio as an owner/teacher if you’re not famous? 
  • Buying and selling – I believe even I have $3,000 worth of “dancing stuff” sitting in my closet that I will never get around to selling.  And that’s probably not even close to what other dancers might have. A good solution is needed here, too.

Online Education: How Is It Useful?

Ballroom dancers mainly have five means for learning dancing: 

  • One-on-one private lessons 
  • Group lessons 
  • Camps and congresses
  • Couple practice 
  • Other resources (such as YouTube, books, etc.)

The main problem is that there is a very limited pool of great dance teachers in comparison to the number of students. And this situation forces dancers to go long distances and spend tons of money on travel and accommodation.

Furthermore, teachers are only earning money when they’re working. This means that if they have a family emergency, physical injury, or simply want to retire, their cash flow stops.

Therefore, our plan is to first create a very comprehensive library of videos. We’re already doing this by working with camps and teachers worldwide and filming content on a continual basis.

Our next step is to focus on providing a complementary solution for private lessons—a platform for couples and teachers to send and receive feedback.

It’s in these hard times of a global pandemic when we can see the importance of online education. Many teachers and dancers are currently in their homes, not teaching or dancing. It is for this reason that we are doing our best to come up with content and a solution for online private lessons more quickly!

Our Next Plan

As I said earlier, education is not the only aspect of a dancer’s life. So we plan to address other problems, such as helping you to find a partner or a studio and providing a platform to facilitate the buying and selling of dance costumes and accessories.

We are very focused on creating enough revenue to pay dance teachers and sustain ourselves. But our goal is to invest everything else in:

  • Research and development 
  • Creating better content 
  • Providing additional benefits for our membership plan 
  • Improving our platform 

So, every single person who has bought something from us has directly supported our plan, and for that, we THANK YOU! 

We’re also currently raising a seed round of investment from a group of investors from around the world. This will surely also help to increase the rate of our current growth and support for this plan.

The Power of Dancing

Science has proven that dancing is one of the best activities for the holistic development of a person. By “holistic,” I mean that it develops you physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.

We believe that all types of dancing are beneficial, so I don’t exclude styles other than ballroom dancing. Actually, very few people are aware of the incredible benefits of dancing. Here are just some of them:

  • It allows people to express themselves in a way that words will never allow. All artists are, in a sense, solving a problem that the world may not even realize exists.
  • Dancing improves brain health, as this study shows. Furthermore, it aids in the discovery of your body overall, which is the gateway to the discovery of your mind, emotions, and spiritual life.
  • It helps your mental health and reduces pain, as you can see here.
  • It allows for the development of self-control and emotional intelligence.

Now, imagine the impact that it could have if all seven billion of us danced. We all would be more socially and emotionally intelligent. We would be better in tune with our bodies in addition to being more creative and innovative.

As I see it, dancing is a meta-solution that helps us to improve all aspects of our lives.

The Master Plan

Ballroom dancers make up just under 5% of the total amount of dancers in the world. From hip-hop to ballet, there are literally hundreds of styles of dance.

Our master plan is to approach all those other styles of dance and do the same things that we’re doing for ballroom dancing. Once we create solid solutions for online education, partners, studios, and buying and selling, it’s our goal to build passionate teams in other styles to match what we’ve built for ballroom dancers.

This is a five-to-seven-year plan and we’re up for it! Along the way, many things need to happen for this to work out, but we believe the impact could be huge, so why not go all the way?

We are super grateful for all of you who are with us on this journey! We hope you’ll understand that mistakes will be made along the way, but overall, we will focus on delivering something great.

Let me know if you’ve found this article useful because I am thinking about doing these project updates for you on a regular basis.

You can contact me via:

  • Email
  • Facebook 
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

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17 Things Dancers Did During The Coronavirus Lockdown



Because of the Coronavirus, there is still a lockdown in some places around the world, while in other areas, the government adopted more relaxed regulations.

What is certain is that every single one of us had to stay safe in their homes for quite a long time.

All of us missed dancing. We even created a list of what you miss about dancing, a few weeks ago. This time, we asked you how you filled your spare time during the Coronavirus lockdown and how you maintained the love for dancing alive, and here is what we found out:

1. You trained in the garden at least 8 times.

2. Listened to your favorite dance songs. Probably The Empress Orchestra or Tito Puente was for sure on the playlist.

3. You’ve looked through your old dancing photos. Don’t worry, nostalgia hit us all.

4. You read a lot of books. (Book suggestion from one of our followers: Latin – Thinking Sensing and Doing in Latin American Dancing by Ruud Vremeij)

5. Stretching while watching your favorite TV show.

6. You’ve meditated so that you keep a healthy mind and spirit.

7. Practicing your dance routines by yourself. Don’t worry; knowing your steps and timing without your partner’s help is always good!

8. You’ve worked on technique. Going back to basics is always a good idea!

9. You jogged quite a lot. Well, cardio exercises are the best for a dancer’s stamina.

10. Keeping fit by doing home workouts. 

11. You’ve watched endless YouTube videos of your favorite dancers.

12. You have at least 5 new ideas for your choreographies. 

13. Doing Yoga/ Pilates every morning.

14. You’ve watched online courses on Dancesportlife Academy 😜.

15. Watched the tons of Instagram Live sessions everyone did. 

16. You had at least one private lesson online with your teacher. 

17. You did nothing! And that is fine too! It’s been a hard time for all of us, and everyone dealt with this period in their way. 

To all of the dancers and dance enthusiasts out there:

We know it’s a tough time, maybe some of you are feeling hopeless and even want to quit dancing. Do not ever forget why you love this sport and art form! Just keep your spirits up that this uncertain and sad period will end!

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Balance: Important Not Only For Your Dancing Skills



Balance is a crucial ability in dancesport. Without balance, we cannot maintain the positions and move gracefully. But balance is also essential in your muscular system. Muscle imbalance is one of the leading causes of injuries, and what is worrying is that it is so subtle and yet can do so much harm. 

In this article, I am taking away some key principles from Costin Glavan’s online course – How To Get Rid Of Back Pain And Unleash Your Full Potential

If you want to learn how to test yourself to see if you suffer from certain conditions, the science behind the issues and how to correct them, this course is for you. 

Identifying Issues & Restoring Balance

Ballroom dancers wear heels all the time, and besides wearing heels, being on the balls of our feet with the weight forward is one of the first lessons we learn. These two things usually cause tightness and cramps in your front part of your thighs, feet, and lower back.

Now, maybe you don’t think that having cramps is such a bad thing. But this can lead in time to problems with fine motor control of the pelvis and legs. 

One muscle imbalance that it’s often met in dancers is that they have overly trained quadriceps and less trained glutes because they stay a lot on their balls of the feet.

Having such issues, you won’t be able to perform as efficiently. Muscle imbalance also leads to increased chronic back and knee pain or joint pain in your ankles. In time, this also leads to an incorrect position of the bones in your joints, which causes joint injuries and lower cross syndrome.

In the course, Costin shows how to perform these tests from the comfort of your house and offers a set of exercises designed to correct and restore the muscle imbalance. 

Access Costin Glavan’s course here.

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Madis Abel & His Passion For Mastering Men’s Hairstyle In Ballroom



Madis Abel is a finalist in the WDSF Standard Adults World Championship, WDSF Standard European Championship, and GrandSlam Series. He is from Estonia and started dancing when he was 6 years old. Until the present day, even though he’s quite young, he counts many titles: WDSF Standard Youth European Champion and WDSF Standard U21 World Champion.

Madis, like any other dance champion I’ve come across, is hungry for knowledge. He wants to be the best and is a perfectionist. These traits are helpful not only to develop into a skillful dancer but also in other aspects of a dancer’s life – the looks.

By studying and learning from his mistakes, Madis learned how to master his hairstyle. In this interview-based article, you’ll learn more about the skill he has. Also, if you want to learn how to create a ballroom man’s hairstyle directly from Madis, you can check his lecture on Dancesportlife Academy.

Bianca: Madis, how did you become interested in perfecting your hairstyling skills?

Madis: Growing up, I let my teacher Aleksander Makarov do my hairstyle, and I felt fine, even confident. But the reality hit me when I was alone at a competition and had to figure it out myself. So I started to do my hairstyle by myself and I felt that I was doing a pretty good job. But when I compared myself to others, I realized that I wasn’t good enough.

One day I decided I wanted to get better and create my own perfect hairstyle, so I started studying and practicing. I began to look for different styles, shapes, ideas. I also relied on the tips my teacher, Aleksander Makarov, gave to me. He helped me a lot!

After all the practicing, I guess I got to a level where everything started to come naturally. It became easy to prepare for a competition and feel confident when entering the floor. It became easy to help all my younger students with their hairstyles. I’ve even had the opportunity to help my friends in the World Final of the Adult Standard category. 

It felt like a superpower!

There are too many dancers out there who are not doing their own hairstyles because they are led back by their lack of confidence. 

Bianca: Why is it essential for dancers to have a perfect hairstyle?

Madis: There’s an important truth in this sport – you have to have a complete look on the dance floor. Starting with your dancing skills and finishing with how you look. We are judged from the moment we step on to the floor until the moment we step off the floor. That includes how you walk, how you smile, and how you look. Your look is what people usually notice first. This is the first impression of you, and you get judged by that, too. 

If you don’t look like you’re ready to win, you might lose to folks that don’t deserve beating you. It isn’t always fair, but deep down, we all know that this is how the world works. It’s a crucial aspect of your overall presentation during the competition. 

Bianca: Why did you decide to create this course?

Madis: I wanted to help others, as well. I thought about the dancers, friends, or family members who are not sure how to create a hairstyle properly. My wish is to share my tips & tricks with them so that they can master this skill.

We all had those moments when we saw a professional hairstyle and wished you had a similar one. Or maybe as a young teacher, you hesitated to help your students do their hairstyles because you thought you could fail.

Each of us practiced doing a hairstyle for ourselves at home but did not turn up as you wish, and you let it go…You stopped trying… 

And for sure, for many of us, only the thought of doing our hair on the competition day gives us a sort of anxiety. 

I want people to feel confident, to learn, and perfect their hairstyle skills so they won’t feel like this anymore. 

Bianca: What can we find in your course?

Madis: My course “How to Make a Ballroom Dancing Hairstyle for Men” is a step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools needed to take your hairstyle making skills to the next level. You will find 20 lectures divided into 5 sections: Preparing your hair, Basic principles, Blow drying, Hair spraying, and Common mistakes. 

This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately. You’ll also get my personal tips and explanations about my techniques. 

You can go through the course at your own pace and watch the videos as many times as you’d like. Inside the course, you’ll have access to the comments section to discuss the progress and ask for additional help. 

Bianca: Awesome! Thank you so much, Madis!

Madis: Thank you!

You can find Madis’ course, “How to Make a Ballroom Dancing Hairstyle for Men” here.

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