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Changing Country For Dancing: Insights From Kristina Moshenskaya



Dancers, especially from the middle-high level and higher, travel very often. They have to go abroad to competitions, lessons, and training camps. But sometimes they decide to relocate because they found a partner in another city or another country.

In that case, we are not only talking about the possibility of seeing new places and different people but a real life-changing decision. 

This can be scary for many of us. Many dancers are even giving up dancing when faced with the decision of moving country for a new partner. 

We can all imagine how difficult and challenging it can be. But there are some excellent examples of champions that decided to change their lives to achieve their goals. 

One perfect example is one young lady from Ukraine who changed countries 3 times, became World Champion in WDSF Amateur Latin 5 times, and an idol for many dancers. This is Kristina Moshenskaya and she is willing to share some insights with us.

Matteo: Kristina, how many countries did you dance for?

Kristina: I danced for Ukraine, Russia, Italy, and now for Germany.

Matteo: And in how many countries did you live and practiced so far?

Kristina: Mostly, I was practicing in the countries I was living in.

Matteo: Which is the thing you miss the most by not practicing in your home country?

Kristina: I left Ukraine 13 years ago, so I cannot say that I miss something by not practicing in my home country. And the countries where I danced lately are very developed as well. But for sure, what I liked the most in the system I grew up was that there were many group lessons. This helped me develop with less money investment.

Matteo: Now you live in Germany, what do you like the most here?

Kristina: I think the infrastructure generally makes it easy. Like starting from everyday life and finishing with sports. For example, we have a dance club where we are practicing which has 4 halls. The rule is that one hall should always be available for free practice.

Matteo: I know it’s not nice to talk bad about places where you have been, but can you tell me a negative aspect for each country? 

Kristina: In Ukraine and Russia, because of the money currency, it’s complicated to take lessons with foreign teachers. Also, traveling to other countries is problematic because you need passport visas.

In Italy, it’s very difficult to practice during summertime as it’s very hot. Also, they don’t have a significantly developed public transport system, especially in small cities.

In Germany, there is a lot of paperwork and bureaucracy. And that is an issue if you have a full schedule like ours when you don’t have time to deal with it, you need to get a secretary or an accountant. 

Matteo: What has been more important? The place or the people?

Kristina: For sure the people are more important than the place. It also depends on you as a person, building up your setting and the schedule in the place you are living. 

Matteo: What should be a decisional factor for moving a country for dancing?

Kristina: It depends on different stuff: a better school, a better system, a better partner, or just a better lifestyle or a safer future.

Matteo: To conclude, please, what pieces of advice do you have for dancers who decide to change country for dancing? What should they be prepared for?

Kristina: To be flexible! If you move to another country, you need to accept this country’s culture, so you need to learn the language for starters.

It won’t be easy, especially in the beginning, but you need to be focused on your target 🎯.

The post Changing Country For Dancing: Insights From Kristina Moshenskaya appeared first on Dancesport Life.

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What Type Of Dancer Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?




There is no such thing as not spotting an Aries on the dancefloor. They are the ones jumping in Quickstep or Jive all around the floor. They are very passionate through their movements, and they radiate tons of confidence & energy. 

Competitive, bold, and ambitious, they have maximum chances of becoming champions.

Nevertheless, they are quite impulsive, and sometimes you might not keep up with them.

Famous Aries dancers: Espen Salberg, Stefano di Filippo, Oxana Lebedew, Bryan Watson, Sergiu Rusu, Anna Matus, Allan Tornsberg, Salikhova Elena, Charles-Guillaume Schmitt, Lasse Ødegaard.


If you want a stable and reliable partner, Taurus should be your go-to person! Responsible and grounded, but very sensual, a Taurus dancer is the right combination between pragmatism and artistry. They enjoy voluptuous movements in their routines and a passionate partner with whom to share their emotions.

Be aware, though, that a Taurus is sometimes hard to move out of their comfort zone. They need a little bit of push from the back. 

Famous Taurus dancers: Anastasia Glazunova, Domenico Soale, Catia Vanone, Aleksander Makarov, Evgeny Moshenin, Sirpa Suutari.


Very artistic, Geminis are always in a quest to discover more about the world and themselves. Gemini dancers will always come up with new ideas of routines and are never afraid to experiment with new techniques or exercises. For some, especially for the Earth signs, they might even seem a bit weird sometimes. 

One thing to pay attention to this sign is that they are quite unpredictable or inconsistent.

Famous Gemini dancers: Joanna Leunis, Franco Formica, Michael Malitowski, Kristina Moshenskaya, Kristina Stokkebroe, Gioia Cerasoli, Pasha Pashkov.


Suave and graceful movements that highlight their sensibility – this is the Cancer dancer in a nutshell. They are dedicated partners who will go to the ends with you, provided you offer them the stability they need and the same level of devotion and understanding.

Their downside is that their sensitivity can overcome them, and they can be too emotional.

Famous Cancer dancers: Slavik Kryklyvyy, Edita Gozzoli, Luca Baricchi, Karen Hardy, Polina Teleshova, Armen Tsaturyan, Dorin Frecautanu, Dekatra Lapaeva.


A natural leader, having a Leo dance partner, expect an intense and energetic experience. They love grand gestures, and they want to show the world how attentive and caring they can be in their dance partnership. So expect outstanding routines full of power and romantic gestures. 

But be aware! Leos, more than often, do not accept other people’s opinions and can be quite stubborn.

Famous Leo dancers: Monica Nigro, Klemen Prasnikar, Paul Killick, Ina Jeliazkova, Hazel Newberry


This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Their hard work and analytical skills enable them to be incredible dancers. Every movement they do is the epitome of correctness. 

Have patience with Virgos as their perfectionism can lead them to have unrealistic expectations from themselves and their partners.

Famous Virgo dancers: Fabio Selmi, Massimo Giorgianni, Valerio Colantoni, Shirley Ballas, Yulia Zagoruychenko, Victor Fung, Carmen Vincelj, Emanuel Valeri, Dana Spitsyna, Kirill Belorukov


Libra dancers are the embodiment of elegance, harmony, and communication. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, graceful movements come naturally to Libras. As partners, they will always put you first, above their own desires. They are incredible at diplomacy, which will all know it’s a very good aspect to master it in the dancesport world. 

Sometimes they can be quite indecisive or could strike as superficial because of their desire to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Famous Libra dancers: Dasha Chesnokova, Peter Stokkebroe, Gaynor Fairweather, Sergey Ryupin, Svetlana Gudyno, Richard Gleave.


With magnetic energy, intense look, and incredible dedication, Scorpio dancers are irresistible. They are very resourceful people and will always find a solution to any problem, which in our dancing world can come in handy more often than you’d think.

Underneath that tough look, there is a very sensitive and artistic soul. Nevertheless, be aware that sometimes they can be a bit too intense. 

Famous Scorpio dancers: Nino Langella, Francesco Galuppo, Jukka Haappalainen, Anastasia Milyutina, Melia.


What are some of the best combinations of characteristics in a dancer? Creativity and having big plans! Sagittarius dancers will never stop wanting more. More comps, more titles, more knowledge, more experience. 

They are incredibly creative and have a free spirit. Next to a Sagittarius dancer, your dancing career will, for sure, go towards great horizons.

Nevertheless, be aware that sometimes they can promise more than can deliver!

Famous Sagittarius dancers: Donnie Burns, Riccardo Cocchi, Mirko Gozzoli, Andrea Silvestri, Dmitry Zharkov, Marcus Hilton, Lorraine Barry, Vibeke Toft, Andrej Skufca, Karina Rubio


Do you feel that you need a partner who is disciplined and hard-working? Then Capricorns should be your first choice. They are brilliant and studious. A Capricorn will always get what they set their mind to, so if their goal is to be a World Champion, they will get it sooner or later.

Every movement from their routines is attentively chosen, as they are very detail-oriented. 

One downside is that they often cannot accept a different opinion than theirs, sometimes having a “my way or the highway” attitude.

Famous Capricorn dancers: Karina Smirnoff, Katusha Demidova, Marina Sergeeva, Debora Pacini, Daniella Karagach.


Have you noticed those dancers with original pieces of routines that make you say: “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” Oh well, those dancers are probably Aquarius. 

Aquarius hate to be labeled and will do anything in their power to have liberty. That might come with a few downsides in the world of Ballroom & Latin, but they will always aspire to their freedom.

Famous Aquarius dancers: Maurizio Vescovo, Arūnas Bižokas, Donatas Vezelis, Lina Chatkevičiūtė, Colin James, Veronika Golodneva, Ieva Žukauskaitė-Sodeikienė.


Known as the most artistic zodiac sign, having a Pisces as a partner, you will always experiment with the emotions and feelings of a dance to the maximum. In the dance couple, the Pisces man will have great intuition and will be a great leader, while the Pisces lady will express a wide variety of emotions through movement.

Sometimes, they might come across as too wrapped up in their own reality, and it might be hard to understand them.

Famous Pisces dancers: Gabriele Goffredo, William Pino, Evaldas Sodeika, Marius-Andrei Balan, Evgeny Nikitin, Edgars Linis, Evaldas Sodeika.


Make sure you also visit Dancesportlife Academy to check our library of courses and camp lectures with some of the best teachers in the world, including some mentioned above!

The post What Type Of Dancer Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? appeared first on Dancesport Life.

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10 Ballroom Videos You Must Watch On YouTube



We all know that there is nothing like a live performance. When you are sitting around the floor and you not only can see the couple dancing but you can feel their movement and you can hear them breathing, stepping and touching each other. 

But sometimes, dancers can really send such a strong message through their dancing that even when watching a video we can feel their emotions and we can be touched by their passion.

This is the case for me with all the following videos, my all time favourite Ballroom videos. (Not listed in a particular order)

1. Luca Baricchi and Loraine Barry – Slow Foxtrot Demo

About Luca and Loraine we can easily choose any of their video on youtube, no matter if it is from a lecture, a competition or a show. I chose this one because everytime I watch it I find myself speechless, astonished by the quality of their movement, yet being so simple to watch. 

The fact that they are dancing not in a competitive dress and suit let you even more appreciate the pureness of their technique, where every part of the body is doing its own action but completely in harmony with the others. And then the music…Oh my! They are dancing on this beautiful track which is at 21,5 bars per minute!!! Unbelievable how they can look so smooth on such slow music. Enjoy the video!

2. Mirko Gozzoli and Edita Daniute – Tango Show

You know that when dancing a show you have to make the crowd go “Whoa!”. Mirko and Edita made everybody in the Beethovensaal in Stuttgart excited already at the beginning of their show! 

The reason why this video is on my all time favourite list is that it feels so true, so genuine. No hairstyle, open shirt and eyes burning of passion. We said at the beginning that some couples can let you feel their energy even if you are only watching a video, well..this is exactly the case. Look at the power that they express in every action, look at the intensity of their emotions on the floor. Simply great. 

3. William Pino and Alessandra Bucciarelli – Waltz Show

A song that has become a classic, the one that you play when you want to express your best, the one that you don’t choose too often because it needs a certain respect. You can’t just warm-up on a tune like this or simply let it go while you are practicing some parts, no.. you can’t. 

And all this is because of William and Alessandra’s Waltz show. We will always relate this music to them, no matter what, because they danced one of the best performances ever in Ballroom history on it. When it comes to art we all have different tastes and we can prefer something that others don’t. 

But then there are masterpieces, and in front of them, everyone will simply be astonished. This is their masterpiece.

4. Massimo Giorgianni and Alessia Manfredini – Tango Show

If you ever wondered about the line between Argentine Tango and International Style Tango? 

Well…Massimo and Alessia will tell you that this line can be erased and you can implement all the elements from the two different styles inside the same performance. And what a performance! Elegance, passion, style…here you really can appreciate the result of a lifelong dedication to improvement and research in dancing where technique and feelings go together supporting each other. 

5. Marcus and Karen Hilton – Waltz Show

There are not so many words needed when talking about the top of Ballroom dancing, the ones that inspired and gave the basis to the generation of our days, the couple that represents the connection and the continuation between the basic principles of the champions of the past and the modern expression of this style. 

I used to watch their fantastic competition performances, everytime and everywhere they danced at their best, and this is not easy at all, considering how long they have been competing at the highest level, defending their titles. 

But suddenly I started to watch their shows, and this one in particular is the one that catched me the most. It may be the music, it may be the place, I don’t know…I actually don’t want to know why I love it, I just do. Here it is, a wonderful Waltz by Marcus and Karen.

6. Andrea Ghigiarelli and Sara Andracchio – Waltz Honour Dance

Royal Albert Hall, a white dress, only one couple on the floor, the orchestra starts playing a waltz. Isn’t this the dream of every ballroom dancer? 

Well, not many can say to have been there, but certainly Andrea and Sara did. A beautiful, dreamy waltz in such an evocative place, where showing your best dancing, having all eyes on you, isn’t the easiest thing ever. That’s why I really consider this video very important to watch, it shows you how a champion can handle those situations, how he can show his best under pressure, when failure is not an option. 

7. Andrew Sinkinson and Loraine Barry – Slow Foxtrot

I was looking for the video that could show the magnificence of the man that is and will always be recognised as the King of Foxtrot, but I couldn’t decide. 

Every performance had its own flavour. 

Finally I chose this one, an early one back in 1992 when he was already 3 times Amateur Blackpool Champion partnering with Loraine. In my opinion it shows the purest movement possible. Simply the perfection of the technique and mechanic in a beautiful venue. What else do you need? Refer to this video whenever you have some questions or doubts about basic steps. This video is better than the technique book!

8. Domenico Soale and Gioia Cerasoli – Waltz Show

Once again we are in Stuttgart, at the German Open Championships, but this time with a different couple – Domenico Soale and Gioia Cerasoli.

From the very first step they danced together, they were at the top in every category. These results were possible by an absolutely outstanding quality of the movement, showing maybe the best couple connection and footwork. In this video, we can appreciate a “one of a kind” moment, where the music, dancers and crowd are connected together by tangible emotions.

9. Dmitry Zharkov and Olga Kulikova – Waltz Honour Dance

There are moments in the life of a dancer that are like milestones, a moment that will stay in everyone’s memory for a long time. 

This is the last Grand Slam of 2018. Just a few competitions left to complete their path in the Amateur category, and destiny wanted the last Grand Slam to be in Moscow, in their home country. 

Emotions are tangible, being there, around the floor you could feel how thick and dense the emotions were in the air. Everything but the floor has been darkened out, the lights are on Dmitry and Olga and the orchestra starts to play the Waltz “All by myself”. You can feel how they put all what they have felt during these years competing around the world in that dance.  

It’s like if every step would tell you a chapter of their story, the pain of every practice and the joy of every success. They look at each other, an explosion of feelings in their hearts and the Ballroom history has got a new moment to tell.

Blackpool Final 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000

Here I just want to share with you those that in my opinion are some of the best Blackpool editions. Nothing against nowadays finals, but those grainy, low quality videos have such an impact on me. I simply prefer to watch them compared to the new ones. 

You can revive the “battles” between Marcus Hilton and John Wood and the energy of William Pino dancing his first tango in the final in 2000. You can see how Luca Baricchi improves year by year becoming the legend we all know or how the Quickstep routines evolve in what we dance today. 

Here are the link to the other finals:

  • 1993
  • 1997
  • 2000

Make sure you also visit Dancesportlife Academy to check our library of courses and camp lectures with some of the best teachers in the world, including some from the above list!

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