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What Type Of Dancer Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?




There is no such thing as not spotting an Aries on the dancefloor. They are the ones jumping in Quickstep or Jive all around the floor. They are very passionate through their movements, and they radiate tons of confidence & energy. 

Competitive, bold, and ambitious, they have maximum chances of becoming champions.

Nevertheless, they are quite impulsive, and sometimes you might not keep up with them.

Famous Aries dancers: Espen Salberg, Stefano di Filippo, Oxana Lebedew, Bryan Watson, Sergiu Rusu, Anna Matus, Allan Tornsberg, Salikhova Elena, Charles-Guillaume Schmitt, Lasse Ødegaard.


If you want a stable and reliable partner, Taurus should be your go-to person! Responsible and grounded, but very sensual, a Taurus dancer is the right combination between pragmatism and artistry. They enjoy voluptuous movements in their routines and a passionate partner with whom to share their emotions.

Be aware, though, that a Taurus is sometimes hard to move out of their comfort zone. They need a little bit of push from the back. 

Famous Taurus dancers: Anastasia Glazunova, Domenico Soale, Catia Vanone, Aleksander Makarov, Evgeny Moshenin, Sirpa Suutari.


Very artistic, Geminis are always in a quest to discover more about the world and themselves. Gemini dancers will always come up with new ideas of routines and are never afraid to experiment with new techniques or exercises. For some, especially for the Earth signs, they might even seem a bit weird sometimes. 

One thing to pay attention to this sign is that they are quite unpredictable or inconsistent.

Famous Gemini dancers: Joanna Leunis, Franco Formica, Michael Malitowski, Kristina Moshenskaya, Kristina Stokkebroe, Gioia Cerasoli, Pasha Pashkov.


Suave and graceful movements that highlight their sensibility – this is the Cancer dancer in a nutshell. They are dedicated partners who will go to the ends with you, provided you offer them the stability they need and the same level of devotion and understanding.

Their downside is that their sensitivity can overcome them, and they can be too emotional.

Famous Cancer dancers: Slavik Kryklyvyy, Edita Gozzoli, Luca Baricchi, Karen Hardy, Polina Teleshova, Armen Tsaturyan, Dorin Frecautanu, Dekatra Lapaeva.


A natural leader, having a Leo dance partner, expect an intense and energetic experience. They love grand gestures, and they want to show the world how attentive and caring they can be in their dance partnership. So expect outstanding routines full of power and romantic gestures. 

But be aware! Leos, more than often, do not accept other people’s opinions and can be quite stubborn.

Famous Leo dancers: Monica Nigro, Klemen Prasnikar, Paul Killick, Ina Jeliazkova, Hazel Newberry


This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. Their hard work and analytical skills enable them to be incredible dancers. Every movement they do is the epitome of correctness. 

Have patience with Virgos as their perfectionism can lead them to have unrealistic expectations from themselves and their partners.

Famous Virgo dancers: Fabio Selmi, Massimo Giorgianni, Valerio Colantoni, Shirley Ballas, Yulia Zagoruychenko, Victor Fung, Carmen Vincelj, Emanuel Valeri, Dana Spitsyna, Kirill Belorukov


Libra dancers are the embodiment of elegance, harmony, and communication. Ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, graceful movements come naturally to Libras. As partners, they will always put you first, above their own desires. They are incredible at diplomacy, which will all know it’s a very good aspect to master it in the dancesport world. 

Sometimes they can be quite indecisive or could strike as superficial because of their desire to be surrounded by beautiful things.

Famous Libra dancers: Dasha Chesnokova, Peter Stokkebroe, Gaynor Fairweather, Sergey Ryupin, Svetlana Gudyno, Richard Gleave.


With magnetic energy, intense look, and incredible dedication, Scorpio dancers are irresistible. They are very resourceful people and will always find a solution to any problem, which in our dancing world can come in handy more often than you’d think.

Underneath that tough look, there is a very sensitive and artistic soul. Nevertheless, be aware that sometimes they can be a bit too intense. 

Famous Scorpio dancers: Nino Langella, Francesco Galuppo, Jukka Haappalainen, Anastasia Milyutina, Melia.


What are some of the best combinations of characteristics in a dancer? Creativity and having big plans! Sagittarius dancers will never stop wanting more. More comps, more titles, more knowledge, more experience. 

They are incredibly creative and have a free spirit. Next to a Sagittarius dancer, your dancing career will, for sure, go towards great horizons.

Nevertheless, be aware that sometimes they can promise more than can deliver!

Famous Sagittarius dancers: Donnie Burns, Riccardo Cocchi, Mirko Gozzoli, Andrea Silvestri, Dmitry Zharkov, Marcus Hilton, Lorraine Barry, Vibeke Toft, Andrej Skufca, Karina Rubio


Do you feel that you need a partner who is disciplined and hard-working? Then Capricorns should be your first choice. They are brilliant and studious. A Capricorn will always get what they set their mind to, so if their goal is to be a World Champion, they will get it sooner or later.

Every movement from their routines is attentively chosen, as they are very detail-oriented. 

One downside is that they often cannot accept a different opinion than theirs, sometimes having a “my way or the highway” attitude.

Famous Capricorn dancers: Karina Smirnoff, Katusha Demidova, Marina Sergeeva, Debora Pacini, Daniella Karagach.


Have you noticed those dancers with original pieces of routines that make you say: “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?” Oh well, those dancers are probably Aquarius. 

Aquarius hate to be labeled and will do anything in their power to have liberty. That might come with a few downsides in the world of Ballroom & Latin, but they will always aspire to their freedom.

Famous Aquarius dancers: Maurizio Vescovo, Arūnas Bižokas, Donatas Vezelis, Lina Chatkevičiūtė, Colin James, Veronika Golodneva, Ieva Žukauskaitė-Sodeikienė.


Known as the most artistic zodiac sign, having a Pisces as a partner, you will always experiment with the emotions and feelings of a dance to the maximum. In the dance couple, the Pisces man will have great intuition and will be a great leader, while the Pisces lady will express a wide variety of emotions through movement.

Sometimes, they might come across as too wrapped up in their own reality, and it might be hard to understand them.

Famous Pisces dancers: Gabriele Goffredo, William Pino, Evaldas Sodeika, Marius-Andrei Balan, Evgeny Nikitin, Edgars Linis, Evaldas Sodeika.


Make sure you also visit Dancesportlife Academy to check our library of courses and camp lectures with some of the best teachers in the world, including some mentioned above!

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5 Lessons 2020 Taught Us



As horrible as this year must have been, we should be thankful for it has taught us plenty of lessons. The year 2020 forced us to reevaluate our plans and dreams. 

2020 showed us who our real friends are and who is willing to give up on us when we need them the most. This year a lot of partnerships have ended, and others have formed. Some have quit dancing, while others have started new & exciting projects.

I summed up what I think are the most important things that 2020 showed to us. 

1. We Love Competitions

As a competitive dancer, preparing and going to competitions is your main activity and this year showed us that we might take them for granted.

This year I saw how much all dancers, from beginners to dance legends, suffered that they couldn’t attend competitions such as the Blackpool Dance Festival, German Open, and many other competitions that hold a special spot in each dancer’s heart.

This year we missed all the fuss and excitement that surrounds a big event. We missed people that we see maybe just once a year at that certain comp and we certainly missed being on and off the dance floor.

2. How Addicted To Dancing We Really Are

Ok, at first, it was quite nice. Everyone thought, “Oh, I can finally have a well-deserved break now”. 

But we soon realized that we could not live without dancing. We all started dancing around the house, we reorganized our living rooms in mini dance studios, and we used our walls as partners. 

Some of us who gave up dancing a while ago know how difficult it is to stop. But for those who were in full ascension, I imagine this forced pause felt even worse. 

Nevertheless, dancers are not easily broken down. Many of you practiced in your homes and used this time to learn new things about dancing. Some of you listened to interviews or perfected specific dancing skills such as elasticity. 

3. Online Education Is Important

Because we are on this topic, we realized how crucial online teaching resources really are during this pandemic.

Many dancers couldn’t see their teachers, and this is how online classes came into play. Either if you prefer pre-recorded courses as we offer on Dancesportlife Academy, or live classes, you cannot deny that this is what kept dancers growing during 2020. 

4. How Attached To Our Dance Family We Really Are

The connection between partners is something very difficult to put into words. It is that type of fondness that is hard to explain. In 2020 we didn’t only miss dancing. We also missed what goes hand in hand with dancesport – our partners. The connection between the two partners is one of the most beautiful aspects of dancesport.

Besides our partners, we missed our teachers. There is nothing like a good lesson with our favorite teacher. We missed that type of lesson in which you get those “Aha!” moments when everything clicks. 

5. To Be More United

All in all, I think the most important lesson this year taught us that we need to be more united. 

Many dancers came together to create beautiful online projects this year. We’ve watched fascinating discussions between dancers that otherwise might have never seen together. 

I think we should always remember that the most important thing is never to lose our humanity & kindness. 

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11 Online Courses For Soft Skills In Ballroom & Latin



Technique is crucial if you want to be a good dancer. But what do you need to do in order to achieve that higher level? Well, that’s when soft skills subjects like partnering, communication, musicality and style choice come into play.

I put together a list of 11 courses you can find at Dancesportlife Academy that will help you be a more sophisticated dancer. 

A tip from me: because Santa Claus thinks we’ve been good this year & respected all the rules, we have all our courses on SALE.

1. Partnering Skills in Rumba by Espen Salberg

In his lecture at Dance Amore Roma 2019, Espen Salberg is discussing the sensitivity of lead & follow. Dialog and communication between the two bodies are essential in order to create togetherness.

Espen showcases in his lecture, assisted by Oxana Lebedew and Laura Zmajkovicova, two ways in which you can improve your leading actions:

  1. By knowing the order in which you need to communicate with your partner.
  1. By knowing the amount of energy/physicality you need to put into your leading actions.

Length: 35 minutes

Here is the link to the course

2. Finding Your Dancing Self by Oxana Lebedw

Learning how to express yourself through dancing is one of the most beautiful and challenging aspects of dancesport. It’s something that allows a dancer to touch other’s hearts and souls. That is done by discovering and expressing your own uniqueness.

In this course, you will explore the freedom to show yourself as a performer. You will find out how to relate your own self to your dancing self by learning to be aware and open all your senses.

Length: 45 minutes

Here is the link to the course

3. Mastering Of A Partnership by Oxana Lebedew

In a course that feels like a discussion with a wise psychologist, Oxana shares her pieces of advice on how to develop your partnership into something out of the ordinary.

She touches on subjects like how to communicate with your partner and how to connect. She offers examples on how to divide the duties in a partnership and how to choose a style for you, as a couple.

Length: 25 minutes

Here is the link to the course

4. Samba by Slavik Kryklyvyy

In his lecture from the Gladiators Dance Congress 2019, Slavik is touching many important aspects that create and give samba the characteristic of a “body dance”.

He is pointing out that nowadays, many dancers and teachers forgot what are the core principles of this dance or what are its origins. Thus, the character of samba has been lost.

Length: 31 minutes

Here is the link to the course

5. Movement In Rumba by Slavik Kryklyvyy

In this lecture, Slavik is focusing on body movements in rumba, while tackling subjects like freedom and fluidity.

Being the talent that he is, his lecture is truly inspiring if you want to develop your thinking in a more artistic way.

Length: 30 minutes

Here is the link to the course

6. Creating Your Own Dance Story by Klemen Prasnikar & Sasha Averkieva

Klemen Prasnikar & Sasha Averkieva, WDC World Latin Champions, take you into a self-expression journey by playing with one of the most fundamental principles of dancing: connection.

In the first chapter, they tackle the physical connection. Then they show you how to stay connected even if you are not touching your partner. Lastly, they show you how to play with these types of connections to create your own dance style, your own dance story.

Length: 1 hour 25 minutes

Here is the link to the course

7. Freedom Through Breathing by Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar

Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar are one of those dance couples that are simply meant for each other. They are currently semi-finalists in all the major events in WDSF Amateur Latin and former World Champions in WDSF Youth and Under 21.

The course is structured in three parts. In the first chapter, Paul & Cristina will show how deficient breathing can influence your mental state and affect your performance. In the second part, they explain how faulty breathing patterns can affect your body, especially your stamina. Lastly, Paul & Cristina shed light on how you can use breathing to play with your steps during your routine by creating a different dynamic.

The course is very unique and could be illuminating for many dancers out there, Latin or Ballroom!

Length: 34 minutes 

Here is the link to the course

8. Qualities Of A Long-Lasting Partnership by Paul Moldovan & Cristina Tatar 

Long-lasting partnerships are something we all strive for. They offer us a sense of security and reliability, which helps us truly focus 100% on the dancing.

But how to maintain a good partnership throughout the years?

Through their 18 years of experience together as a dance couple, Paul & Cristina realized what worked for them. Now, they are willing to share some of their key ingredients of such a beautiful relationship.

This course will leave you with the impression that you just discussed with your most responsible and thoughtful friends.

Tip: This course can be found as a BONUS if you decide to buy Paul & Cristina’s course – “Freedom Through Breathing”

Length: 11 minutes

Here is the link to the course

9. How To Make A Ballroom Dancing Hairstyle For Men by Madis Abel

This course is a step-by-step program designed for Ballroom and 10-dancers to give you all the tools needed to have a champion’s hairstyle.

You will find 20 lectures divided into 5 sections: Preparing your hair, Basic principles, Blow drying, Hair spraying, and Common mistakes. This isn’t fluffy theory stuff either. You’ll get real, ready-to-use tools that you can begin to implement immediately. 

Length: 2 hours

Here is the link to the course

10. The Details Make The Difference In Latin by Frederic Mosa

Frederic Mosa is one of the most sought after teachers and adjudicators in the WDSF Latin world, coaching top Latin couples.

In his lecture from Master Evolution Training Camp 2020, Frederic is showing you with the help of Andrea Silvestri & Marina Varadi the importance of details in our art.

Three of those details are: creating a signature move, musicality, and the connection between partners.

Length: 39 minutes

Here is the link to the course

11. How To Make The Interpretation Interesting, Using The Musical Structure by Pietro Braga

When you say musicality in Standard dances you automatically think of Pietro Braga – one of the best teachers to go to if you want to excel in this area.

In his lecture from Master Evolution Training Camp, Pietro teaches you how to interpret movement by understanding the musical structure.

Length: 28 minutes

Here is the link to the course

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11 Best Online Courses On Ballroom & Latin Technique



We’ve put together some of Dancesportlife Academy’s best courses and premium camp lectures for Ballroom & Latin technique. 

We also have massive Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions at the moment, so if you decide to buy some of the courses, now is the time! 

1. Fundamentals Of Ballroom by Mirko & Edita Gozzoli

One of our best-selling courses is, by far, the greatest choice if you want to learn the core principles of Ballroom technique such as posture, hold, centres, footwork & body action. Furthermore, you get the chance to discover four novel choreographies and how to apply the theory to them.

Mirko & Edita Gozzoli barely need any introduction. They are one of the most renowned names in ballroom dancing. They have been both World Champions and European Champions.

Length: 4 hours 20 minutes

Link to the course

2. Fundamentals Of Quickstep by Hazel Newberry

Hazel Newberry MBE is one of the United Kingdom’s leading ballroom ladies and dance teachers. She was three times undefeated World Professional Ballroom champion. 

In her lecture at the Gladiators Dance Congress, she focused her attention on lead & follow by looking at body positioning and core principles such as contra body movement.

Length: 29 minutes

Link to the lecture

3. Paso Doble – Structure And Its 5 Elements by Alan Fletcher

When you say “Alan Fletcher” you automatically say “true legend of the Latin American dancing world”. One of the most sought after teachers, preparing couples to win the highest titles, reveals the five key aspects of Paso Doble.  

Learn from Alan some secrets on music, posture, shaping, framing, and resistance. Also, you will get a cameo from one of the most loved lady dancers. I’ll let you guess who that is!

Length: 26 minutes

Link to the lecture

4. Partnering Skills In Tango By Steve Powell

A true gentleman of the ballroom dancing world, Steve Powell is a multiple-time European Professional Ballroom finalist and a World Professional Ballroom Semi-finalist.

In his lecture from Gladiators Dance Congress, we can learn about partnering applied strictly in Tango, as it is quite different than the other Ballroom dances. Steve is looking mainly at how the body and foot positioning helps in mastering the partnering skills. 

Length: 31 minutes

Link to the lecture

5. Paso Shaping by Graham Oswick

Charming and charismatic, with a great competitive career behind him, Graham Oswick uses his knowledge to teach Ballroom and Latin American competitors valuable principles.

He showcases this charm and love for core principles of Latin-American dancing in his lecture from Gladiators Dance Congress. Graham explains how to create that distinct Paso shaping through mastering feet pressure and leg action.

Length: 29 minutes

Link to the lecture

6. Fundamentals Of Movement In Latin by Andrea Silvestri & Martina Varadi

Andrea Silvestri & Martina Varadi are one of the top WDSF Amateur Latin couples. They are finalists in all the major events such as Grand Slams and WDSF World & European Championships. 

For their Dancesportlife Academy course, they’ve put together five chapters of theory and choreography designed to help you learn the basic principles of bodyweight, movement, and connection. In the choreography part of the course, Andrea & Martina will show you four basic routines and four more advanced routines by applying all the principles discussed in the theoretical section.

Length: 2 hours 40 minutes

Link to the course

7. Use Of Different Timing In Cha-Cha-Cha By Goran Nordin

Goran is a former UK Closed Amateur Latin Champion, British National Professional Latin Champion, and a finalist in major competitions from the WDC world. 

He is known for his inclination towards choreography, timing, and musicality. And that is exactly what he discusses in his lecture from the Gladiators Dance Congress. Goran, with amazing enthusiasm, showcases how we can play with different timing in Cha-Cha-Cha.

Length: 28 minutes

Link to the lecture

8. Specific Positions That Give Character To Your Dance by Mirko Gozzoli

Mirko Gozzoli has a special place on this list as he appears not one time but three times! 

In this lecture from Gladiators Dance Congress, Mirko shows you how to dance a Tango that respects its character by creating different positions. 

Length: 32 minutes

Link to the lecture

9. Viennese Waltz And Its Technical Actions By Mirko Gozzoli

The third lecture held by Mirko is the one from Master Evolution Training Camp. 

As should expect from each of Mirko’s lecture, you will receive great details and discover hidden aspects of a dance. In this lecture, he teaches you the correct foot alignment & placement in Viennese Waltz and the amount of turn in the body position.

Length: 50 minutes

Link to the lecture

10. Bodyweight By Simona Fancello

Simona Fancello is a great ballroom instructor. Her career was filled with great results together with Fabio Selmi. She has been a finalist in all the major competitions, such as World & European Championships.

In this lecture, she focuses on the importance of bodyweight and how to use it in the fundamental basic steps of quickstep.

Length: 27 minutes

Link to the lecture

11. Slow Waltz And The 3 Important Actions: Swing, Sway, Shape By Irina Solomatina

Irina Solomatina is one of the most sought after teachers. Together with Alexander Melnikov, she was 12 times Russian Champions.

In her lecture from Master Evolution Training Camp, Irina explains thoroughly how the swing, sway, and shape in Slow Waltz are crucial for good leading in Slow Waltz

Length: 39 minutes

Link to the lecture


Next, we’ll make a list of courses and camp lectures that focus on softer skills such as musicality, artistry, or communication.

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